Engaging, equipping and mobilizing Christian men to glorify God through prayer and service.


Engaging men from different churches through multiple connection points, creating a one church/one spirit brotherhood.

National statistics tell us that we’re missing 90% of the men in our churches, who aren’t connected or engaged in anything men’s ministry related.  Most men come to church, often at the request of their spouse, and desire to get out of Dodge as quickly as possible.  The Men’s Equipping Network has made connecting and engaging men a high priority.

From David Murrow, founder of Church For Men;  “For years I’ve wondered why men’s ministry programs don’t work for most men. It’s a mystery – there is some absolutely fabulous men’s curriculum out there, packed with great Bible teaching. Yet almost every church that launches a men’s program meets with failure. The men just don’t seem interested.” Here are the facts:

  • The vast majority of men’s programs die within two years of launch. .Fewer than ten percent of churches offer any ongoing ministry to men at all.
  • Those churches that do offer men’s ministry programs often see very low rates of participation – particularly among men under age 40.
  • Major national men’s ministry organizations are shrinking in size and influence.

If we, as men’s ministry leaders are going to have any impact at all on the men of our churches, we need to find ways to get them connected.  After all, somewhere along the line, I got connected, although at my age, I forget when.

What the Men’s Equipping Network is doing is to offer catalytic event opportunities with excellent speakers, quarterly men’s breakfasts, city wide service opportunities, challenging go cart races against other churches, men’s prayer groups, and more.  We’re looking for every opportunity to grab the hearts and minds of men, because the Church desperately needs our men.

Here are some statistics that bear that out:

  • If a child comes to Christ first, 3% of the time the entire family will be saved
  • If the mother comes to Christ first, 23% of the time the entire family will be saved
  • But, when the man comes to Christ first, 93% of the time, the entire family comes to Christ.

It’s been said over and over by many pastors that “as men go, so goes the Church.”  The presence of enthusiastic male worshipers is statistically associated with the following outcomes:

  • Congregational growth
  • Congregational health
  • Unity in the church
  • Increased giving
  • Retention of young men and women

Jesus showed us how to grow a healthy church: focus on men first. Christ loved women and children, but he spent most of his time and energy developing a handful of men. He knew a truth we’ve forgotten: if you transform men, you transform the family, the community and the society.


  • Three citywide men’s catalytic events annually.
  • Monthly men’s citywide breakfasts with speakers.
  • 26 churches currently engaged with M.E.N.