Engaging, equipping and mobilizing Christian men to glorify God through prayer and service.


As soldiers, men go through a plethora of training.  Why?  Because, before men can be trained to alter the way they’ve lived their lives, old habits need to first be broken.  Then, and only then can a soldier become effective.

The same holds true for each of us as men of God, trying to live a life honoring and glorifying to our Lord Jesus Christ.  2 Timothy 3:17-  “That the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.”

Through the Men’s Equipping Network, since we know that every man is different in terms of what motivates them, we offer multiple on ramps of discipleship training that will help men break habits of old, but with other men to help him in the process.  So, In essence, we have a tool box of resources to offer the Church, to help in the discipleship process.

As important as connection is through catalytic events, men’s breakfasts, etc., if there isn’t a follow up to an event with resources that challenge men, we’re wasting our time.  The Men’s Equipping Network understands this, and takes it very seriously.

Our country has a “men problem” whose tentacles reach an enormous number of areas within our society.  Families, schools, social services, divorce courts, schools, the criminal justice system and more.  An article from Promise Keepers, mentions we’re in a Spiritual crisis.  “This crisis is spiritual at the core. The hearts of men have been penetrated by a demonic deadness. Men have been lulled into a spiritual stupor.” Change must begin in the hearts of men by the Spirit of God, and the key to this is prayer.             We see prayer as part of the equipping process.

We know that as men go, so goes the Church, so many churches are now actively engaging in the battle for men’s souls. This is a battle the church cannot afford to lose.

Getting men equipped as soldiers of Christ takes commitment.  It’s a commitment for both the disciple, and the one doing the discipling.  What makes it doubly hard are the misconceptions regarding discipleship.  Just to name a couple;

  • Discipleship just happens.
    In fact, we must go counter cultural and instruct others personally and lovingly about the ways of Christ. We need to ask the hard questions and get involved into the process of why they do things.
  • Discipleship is only for new Christians.
    In fact, discipleship is a process that should be occurring all through our lives. A disciple always follows his master’s life. Once a disciple, always a disciple.

Days of being apathetic as a Christian are over.  We need trained up men committed to follow Christ.  Timothy 2:3 says;  “Suffer hardship with me, as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.”  This won’t happen without men being trained up as soldiers.

Look at Luke 19:43,  For the days will come upon you when your enemies will throw up a barricade against you, and surround you and hem you in on every side.” Luke 19:43

The tide in the battle has turned. Here’s what that means, it means that comfortable and convenient middle ground Christianity is a thing of the past. The cultural encirclement around orthodox Christianity is calling all men who claim an affiliation with Christ; it’s calling all men who claim faith in Jesus to an uncomfortable choice. The choice is, you can blend in or you can battle.  The choice is yours.